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Is an e-mail address necessary to open an account with Irfan Mazhar Securities (Pvt) Ltd.?
Absolutely. All trade confirmations, margin calls, and other correspondence will be sent to your e-mail address which you provide us.

What is Equity?
Equity is the ownership of shares in a corporation in the form of common stock or preferred stock. It also refers to total assets minus total liabilities, in which case it is also referred to as shareholder's equity or net worth or book value.

What is a 'Symbol'?
A symbol is a unique, market-approved code that identifies a particular security on an exchange. The symbol generally reflects the name of the security. For example, the symbol for the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation stock is KEL. This is also known as the 'ticker symbol'.

Market Order V/S Limit Order
A limit order is when the user enters the order into the system with a specific price, while in a market order the system will execute the order irrespective of price. The system will search for the quantity of order to be completed at any available price. In a rapidly moving market, a market order may be executed at a price higher or lower than the quote displayed on the ticker at the time of order entry.

Market Lot
Market Lot is the normal unit of trading for a security, which is 500 shares of stock having price less than Rs.50/- and 100 shares of stock having price above Rs.50/-.

Odd Lots
For stocks, any transaction less than the market lot is usually considered to be an odd lot. These odd lots cannot be traded on the regular market and hence the Karachi Stock Exchange has initiated a separate ODD Lots Market.

What are Stop Loss Orders?
Stop Loss trading is a form used to prevent unusual and large amounts of losses. It allows the client to place a rate below current market price if there is a drop expected. In this manner, a client can minimize losses by placing a rate as maximum loss.

I already have a CDC Investor’s A/C, what is the procedure to transfer shares from my CDC Investor’s A/C to my Sub A/c?
You will have to provide a CDC cheque (Transfer Order) in favour of “Irfan Mazhar Securities (Pvt) Ltd”.

What is the procedure to convert physical shares into CDC shares?
> Copies of NIC must be submitted at the time of request.
> All physical shares must be VERIFIED by the company's registrar.
> Turnaround Time for conversion of shares is at least 3-4 working weeks

What is a 'Limit Order'?
When you instruct your broker to buy shares for you at or below a certain price, or sell shares at or above a certain price, you've entered a limit order. Limit orders reduce the risk that an order will be filled at a price you don't like, and best suit the investors' interests in volatile markets. The down side, of course, is that by waiting for your price the stock you want gets away from you, or the stock you want to unload just keeps falling. The opposite of a limit order is a market order, in which the broker is instructed to execute the trade at any market price available.

What does 'Earning per Share' mean?
Net income divided by common shares outstanding. A company that earns Rs.1 million for the year and has a million shares outstanding has an EPS of Rs.1. This EPS figure, which represents how much of earnings each share is entitled to, is important as the basis for various calculations an investor might make in assessing a stock's prissiness. The most widely used indicator of whether a stock is over- or undervalued, for example, is the price/earnings (P/E) ratio, which relates share price to earnings per share.